Friday, February 6, 2009

Pink Penguin Baskets

I tried out Pink Penguins tutorial for fabric baskets and they are so easy to make. I love the fact that I am much more precise with my cutting and sewing as evidenced by the matching seams. This basket I made for my friend for her birthday and is made from scraps left over from cutting out my 365 day challenge quilt pieces. She loved it. The second basket is for all the "junk" that comes home in my uniform pocket and needs to go back to work namely all this stuff. I made this basket bigger by using 2.5" squares and it made a big difference to the finished size.
It ends up going back to work eventually but it is nice to have just one place to look for my name badge, watch, ID card and pens in the morning. I love the nurses hat fabric and still have lots of it left for another special project.
Today is Waitangi Day, a public holiday in NZ. The Treaty of Waitangi, signed in 1840, made New Zealand a part of the British Empire, guaranteed Māori rights to their land and gave Māori the rights of British citizens. So every year we get a long weekend in the middle of Summer when the weather is usually very settled. Today is hot and sunny, perfect for lazing around.