Thursday, May 7, 2009


I have set a goal to do at least two Geese in the Forest blocks every day except Sunday and so far it is working. It is easy to do two blocks or more before heading off for an afternoon shift but it is much harder to get going after coming home from a morning shift.
So far I have completed all 6 "Goose Bumps" blocks, 27 "Friendly Flock" blocks and 2 Triple Tree" blocks, so now I only have to do 25 more blocks by the end of the month and I am all caught up.
I love all the really bright batiki colours but it is harder to incorporate the paler yellow, orange and green colours. I have two rolls and still have lots left of the first roll so not too stressed about it at the moment but I don't want to get to the end and only have pale colours left to choose from.
I don't have a dedicated sewing space so my dresser has turned into my ironing board, an old atlas inside a folded woollen blanket is the perfect size for pressing the blocks. My cutting mat fits perfectly on top of my small desk so I trim all the seams there and the sewing machine lives on the dining room table so I get my exercise walking back and forth.
I changed the pdf pattern file to a word document using this free webpage and the cut lengths of the freezer paper so it measured the width of an A4 page(21cm), the freezer paper width(38cm) is a bit longer than an A4 page but neatly fits two block patterns underneath each other. I can then print two blocks at a time with my printer by setting the page size to custom (21cm x 38cm). Saves on the freezer paper and time.
I printed all the blocks and then cut them out using my scrapbook paper trimmer and scored all the lines using the back of my unpicker, then I had all the freezer paper blocks ready to go. I also cut out lots of white fabric pieces at one time so I didn't have to keep stopping and starting.