Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Spring Day

At first it was only subtle signs that spring was on it way but now the daffidols are in full bloom and even the raspberry canes have new soft green leaves sprouting. Today was time for a bit of a spring clean and everything from my bed ended up outside on the line in
the sunshine.
This is a quilt that I made with fat quaters from a trip to Australia.
It has snuggly flannel on the back and folds into a pocket,
so it is really a quillow.
This is the project that I am currently working on although I haven't done anything on it for a few months. It is a Millamac Pattern called "The animals came in two by two". It still has lots to go with plenty more animals on the outside boarders. Lots of cutting out fiddly shapes and fusing them with the iron and then blanket stitching them in place. I'm just waiting for some "Koala" fabric to arrive in the post, some wood fabric for Noah's ark arrived in the mail today, before I can move on
While everything was out hanging in the sunshine I decided to try making a thread holder from The Stitching Room. Only had to pull it apart twice, must be due to not having fully recovered from working night shifts. The thread holder will be very handy as I have a bad habit of putting the threads on my sewing desk and they all end up on the floor.


quilterpolly said...

I love you animal quilt. It is way cool. Also love the thread catcher. I totally relate to the treads ending up on the floor. Great idea...Thanks for sharing.

Ethne said...

I'm currently making the Noah's Ark quilt as well (I list it as the 2x2 top) - pop along to my blog ( compare the projects - I'm just going to stick with a brown marble and sew 'plank' strips on for the ark - well done on what you've managed so far