Thursday, June 11, 2009

More Blocks

Although I have been sick for the past week I managed to find some motivation yesterday and completed eight blocks for my geese in the forest. It only took about five hours of serious hard work and a sore pinky from all the rotary cutting, but now all the blocks for last month are completed. I have done 60 out of 100 blocks but there are still 28 to do for this month so not much time for resting. I have also been doing lots of scrapbooking with a friend. We have both purchased Creative Memories Picfolios and it is so much faster but still gives you space to play around and be really creative. I have one album with all my childhood photos and another with more recent and "arty" pictures. It is getting really cold and dark now in the early evenings which makes it harder to get motivated with doing crafty things instead of sitting in front of the fire in my bean bag reading a good book. Hope where ever you are you are warm and well...


Dorrie said...

I'm glad you're back! Your geese are coming along faster than mine, I must say! I hope you're feeling better. I have the opposite problem, here in California the days are long and I've been staying up too late and getting up really early.

Conny said...

oh, your geese are really fine.
I started two months ago and at the beginning I was hurry. but now even other things were first so I had to stop.
You have decided very nice colours.
I do the colour version aswell.
By the way, your blog is very nice and I will came back to see and read more.